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Special Metals Corporation, the world's largest and most diversified producer of high-performance nickel-based alloys, offers its resources, expertise and excess capacity to other metals producers for toll work.

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Our specialty metals are used in some of the world's most technically demanding industries and applications, including: aerospace, power generation, chemical processing and oil exploration. Special Metals produces nickel alloys in all significant mill forms from large ingots and billets to flat stock, seamless tubing, bar and wire, the latter of which includes core and filler wires for welding products.


Comprehensive Range of Products and Forms

While Special Metals production facilities are ideally suited for nickel-based alloys, we are capable of processing a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys through the same facilities.

About Our Facilities

Executive Summary

Production facility operations vary by site, but include the melting, remelting, forging, hot rolling and finishing of rod, sheet/strip, plate, tubular products, extrusion, large diameter tube reduction, mechanically alloyed powder manufacture, and by cold strip finishing.

Huntington, West Virginia Capabilities

Manufacturing capabilities at the Huntington, West Virginia, facility include:

Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM)
Single furnace: 24-ton/15-ton box sizes

35-ton electric arc furnace (2)
38-ton argon-oxygen-decarburization vessel

Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR)
5 furnaces; crucible sizes ranging from 18" to 36" in diameter

Primary Mill Rolling Equipment
110" Mill capable of rolling plate, rounds and slabs

Steckel Mill
Capable of rolling Hotbands up to 52" wide

Press Forge
5,000-ton capacity forging press; diameter: 4" min./45" max.; 50,000 lbs. maximum weight; upset opening: 99", die width: 60"

Plate Finishing
Key equipment includes: plate annealing furnaces, roller leveler, stretcher leveler, shot blaster, shear, abrasive saws, and plasma-cutting equipment

Bar & Wire
Wire mill: product size ranging from .217" to 1.031" in diameter in coil form
Rod mill: product size ranging from .50" to 5.250" in diameter in straight lengths.

Cold Draw Finishing
Key equipment includes: Cold Pilger mills, tubing draw benches, roller hearth annealing furnaces, pickle tanks, straighteners, cutters, centerless grinders and batch wire annealer
Tubing: product size ranging from 1/2" to 9-1/2" in diameter, up to 86' in length

Machine Shop
Key equipment includes: rRod turners, peelers, saws and milling machines

Sheet & Strip
Key equipment: Coil Build-up, Continuous Anneal and Pickle; Bright Anneal, cold reduction mills, coil grinder, slit/cut-to-length line and slitters
Max coil weight: 30,000 lbs
Max coil width: 52.000"
Max coil starting ga.: 0.4"
Min coil gauge: .006"

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Roger Chapman
Conversion Services Representative
Special Metals Corporation
3200 Riverside Drive
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Phone: +1.304.526.5280
Fax: +1.304.526.5196

Burnaugh, Kentucky Capabilities

Manufacturing capabilities at the Burnaugh, Kentucky, plant include:

Air Induction Melting (AIM)
Single furnace: 31,500 lbs. capacity

Electroslag Remelting
Eight furnaces

Tube Extrusion
6,000-ton Extrusion Press, Wean Tube Reducer, Trepanning equipment, pickling facility

Contact Us
Roger Chapman
Conversion Services Representative
Special Metals Corporation
3200 Riverside Drive
Huntington, WV 25705
Phone: +1.304.526.5280
Fax: +1.304.526.5196

Dunkirk, New York Capabilities

Manufacturing capabilities at the Dunkirk, New York, plant include:

Saw Cutting
14" to 4" diameter billet


2200F max, natural gas-fired

General condition "A" type heat treatment

Press forge (one open die hydraulic press, 4.5K ton)
Large press (4500 ton)
10 ton capacity
Daylight for upsetting =100"
Ingot/billet diameter = 6" min/40" max
Max slab width = 34"
Max billet length =29.5 ft (finish); 19 ft (reheat)
Max moment app. 300,000 ft-lbs (or 30,000?) (contact Dunkirk for details)

Rotary forge (GFM SX-55)
4 hammers, 200 strokes/min
1000 metric tons per hammer forging force
12,000 lb Capacity
Output Shapes: Rounds, Round-Cornered-Squares and Flats (Rectangles)
Max input diameter = 550 mm
Min input diameter = 125 mm
Max input length = 5000 mm
Min input length = 1500 mm
Max output length = 10,000 mm (250 mm F or less)
Min output diameter = 100 mm*
Max Slab width = 305 mm
Min Slab width = 102 mm
Min Slab thickness = 75 mm
CNC control
*Contact Dunkirk regarding capability of producing smaller diameters, to 90mm.

Forge practices can be followed to customer specifications.

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Emily O’Neil
Conversion Coordinator
Special Metals Corporation
100 Willowbrook Ave.
Dunkirk, NY 14048
Phone: +1.716.366.5663 ext. 221
Fax: +1.716.366.7436

New Hartford, New York Capabilities

Manufacturing capabilities at the New Hartford, New York, plant include:

VIM Melting
40,000 lb and 12,000 lb furnaces
Mold diameters 14, 17, 21, 27, 30, 34

VAR Melting
Ingot sizes 17, 20, 24, 30

ESR Melting
Ingot sizes 17, 20, 24, 30, 36

22" hand mill can roll 2.25" round up to 5" round
16" hand mill can roll 0.406" round up to 2" round

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Debbie Bartkowski
Conversion Coordinator
Special Metals Corporation
100 Willowbrook Ave.
Dunkirk, NY14048
Phone: +1.716.366.5663 ext. 226
Fax: +1.716.366.7436

Hereford, England Capabilities

Executive Summary

At our site in Hereford, England, we have all the processes required to manufacture from melt to final product under one roof. We supply nickel alloy products in the following forms: seamless tube / pipe, bar, sheet, plate, forgings, ingots, extruded section, wire, foil and more. Our melting processes include VIM, AIM, ESR, and VAR while our working facilities include a 1750 ton press forge, a 5650 ton extrusion press, 5 Pilger mills and various hot and cold rolling facilities for plate, sheet and bar.

Melting and Forging

Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM)
Computer-controlled processing available.
High-frequency melting, refining, and casting with a nominal capacity of 8 tonnes.
Typical ingot sizes, 320, 345, 420, 440 and 540 mm diameter.

Electroslag Remelting (ESR)
Computer-controlled processing.
Nominal capacity up to 5.8 tonnes depending on the product diameter.
Mould sizes, 460, 540 and 665 mm diameter.

Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR)
Computer-controlled processing available.
Nominal capacity up to 5.8 tonnes depending on the product diameter.
Mould sizes, 380, 520 and 610 mm diameter.

A computer-controlled hydraulically operated 1750 tonne press.
Maximum billet size, 700 mm diameter. Smallest size typically 100 mm diameter, round or square with rectangles down to 50 X 140 mm.
Mobile manipulator has 360° jaw rotation and a capacity of 17 tonnes at 2.5 m.
Maximum workpiece size, 1400 mm diameter.
Railbound manipulator has 360° jaw rotation and a capacity of 18 tonnes at 6 m.
Maximum workpiece size, 1300 mm diameter.

Homogenized Heat Treatment
A natural gas–fired furnace with an oxidizing atmosphere operating in the range of 550–1250°C. Controlled to a +10°C/-20°C at 750°C.
Bar length, 3.5 m max. Load weight, 20 tonnes max. Maximum piece weight, 7 tonnes X 2.5 m X 1400 mm diameter.

Hot and Cold Rolling

Cold Rolling (General Guidelines) - Sheet
Maximum length, 3200 mm. Maximum width, 1220 mm. Minimum gauge, 0.50 mm.

Heat Treatment (Temperatures up to 750°C)
Maximum length, 3900 mm. Maximum width, 1020 mm.

Maximum length, 3000 mm. Maximum width, 2000 mm. Maximum gauge, 20 mm.

The extrusion press at SMW (Hereford) is available for hire work activity subject to inquiry to Production Management. The press is rated at 5650 tons maximum press force and can accommodate billet parameters of 175 mm, 225 mm, 275 mm, 300 mm and 343 mm, up to a maximum of 750 mm. Product forms available are solid bar (round or profile) and tube ( not 175 mm billet). Preheating is via gas-fired batch furnaces and temperature range available is 400°C to 1250°C (+ or - 15°C at 400°C to 600°C; + or - 10°C at above 800°C to 1250°C).

Rod Rolling
5 Stand Rod / Bar Mill incorporating:
1 Reversing Stand
4 Finishing Stands
Induction Preheat Furnace
Fully Automated Operation
Air Cooling and Water Quench Facilities

Feedstock Straight Lengths:
65mm round 1.8m length
Alternative, 42.5mm to 32mm.

Finished Sizes
Straight Lengths - 12.5 mm to 32 mm.

Preheating Temperature Range
750°C to 1250°C.

Bar in as-rolled, peeled, or ground finish.

Heat Treatment

Types of Heat Treatment
Stress Relieving
Solution Treatment
Precipitation Treatment

Methods of Cooling
Air Cool
Water Quenching
Air Blast Cooling
Furnace Cooling

All types of heat treatments are conducted in air atmospheres.

Temperatures are controlled on multi-point recorders within tolerances of:
+/- 5°C for treatments up to 750°C.
+/- 10°C for treatments above 750°C.

Water quench from gas furnace only 4 in. dia. Or 12.5 sq. in. Cross-sectional area, with 185 kg max piece weight.

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